Birthing from Within Prenatal Mentoring
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-Jane Yaakni Hopaki

Traditional Birthkeeping Services

Prenatal Mentoring from Within

Birth is a rite of passage. It’s a transformative experience that challenges everything we know about ourselves, our beliefs, and our expectations. In our modern world, parents are seeking more than just evidence-based information to navigate this journey. Prenatal Mentoring is a new paradigm approach to Birth Education and Preparation: it provides an individualized balance of information with emotional and mental tools to explore the multifaceted nature of childbearing. Every mother and family deserves a trusted mentor that acknowledges their lived experiences and inner knowing throughout pregnancy and birth.

As a Birthing from Within trained Mentor, I provide perspective, knowledge, and resources through metaphor, storytelling and experiential offerings to inspire self-awareness, discovery, understanding, and flexibility for birth and beyond. Prenatal Mentoring services may include birth story listening, birth planning, pain-coping mindsets, hands-on support for partners, fostering compassion for the challenges of labor, exploration of postpartum transitions and much more.


Birthkeeping Packages

Birthkeeping is the Wise Woman perspective on the ancient art of birthwork: the sacred calling of walking with and holding space for women throughout their childbearing experiences. Birthkeepers provide wise, holistic, full-spectrum support to mothers and their families in much of the way a Doula or Monitrice would. 

My Birthkeeping services currently include 3+ One-on-One Prenatal Mentoring Sessions, Phone/Text Support, access to my extensive Resource Library, Physical & Emotional Support at & immediately after your birth, optional Birth Pool support, and 3+ hours of Holistic Postpartum Support offerings (listed below).

As my skills, knowledge, and wisdom develop, my offerings will continue to evolve; the end goal being to offer Full-Service Traditional Midwifery Care by 2024.

Holistic Postpartum Support

The first 40 days after your baby arrives earthside, often referred to as the Fourth Trimester, can be exhausting, raw and challenging. I am available to serve fresh mothers, babies, and their families throughout this transitional period where rest, healing and bonding are of utmost importance. My postpartum offerings include breastfeeding and babywearing support, errand running, light cleaning & meal prep, sibling care, newborn care, belly binding, massage, herbal bathing, vaginal steaming, and personalized ceremony, as well as virtually anything else that may be of value to you and your family during the immediate postpartum period.


Homebirth & Freebirth Mentoring*

Are you interested in exploring the possibility of birthing in the privacy of your home, but unsure where to start or what you may need to consider? Homebirth & Freebirth, or unassisted childbirth, have more in common than they do not with one key difference: Freebirth is the process of consciously choosing to birth at home without midwives or professional attendants.

As an experienced Homebirthing & Freebirthing mother, I'm available to delve into this possibility with you. Together we can explore your intentions, expectations, questions, and fears surrounding wild birth outside the medical system to uncover the unique ways you can harness personal power and autonomy over your birth as a normal reproductive process. I honor Homebirth & Freebirth as a healthy, valid option for childbirth with historical and cultural significance for many peoples.


*Please Note: Homebirth & Freebirth Mentoring is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of a midwife, physician or another qualified healthcare provider with questions or concerns you may have regarding medical conditions.


Birth Pool & Waterbirth Supply Rental

Waterbirth is fondly referred to as the "natural epidural" for its ability to help laboring mothers manage discomfort and pain. Birth pools also promote relaxation and reduce incidences perineal trauma. La Bassine Birth pools offer the optimal, compact size, shape, and depth to accommodate your home and hot water heater without compromising on depth or comfort.

The inflatable floor of the La Bassine pool provides support for comfortable hands & knees positions, and the reinforced walls support the weight of your body as needed. Inside the pool, you'll find 2 sturdy handles for stability and bearing down. This pool takes 5 minutes to fill with air and an average of 25 minutes to fill to capacity with 118 gallons of water.


Your La Bassine Birth Pool rental kit comes complete with all the basic necessities: fitted pool liner, air pump, new 25-foot drinking water quality hose, sink and shower adaptor, and a multi-use water pump.


Pregnancy Release Support

Pregnancy release or loss can be devastating, difficult and painful regardless of you your family's acceptance, joy and comfort levels surrounding said pregnancy. The stigma, fear, guilt, and shame surrounding pregnancy release and loss often prevents women from seeking support in these times of need.

As a Traditional Birthkeeper, I walk with women drawn to complete these reproductive events autonomously and physiologically, outside the medical paradigm when possible.

I share resources and wisdom, provide physical/emotional support, and cleaning assistance in much of the same way I provide term birth support, in addition to grief/acceptance ceremony.

Certified Lactation Counseling

Mother-to-Mother Support

As a CLC with 5 years of personal and professional breastfeeding experience, I provide gentle guidance and encouragement in the comfort of your home. My services are affordable to equalize accessibility and foster a flourishing reconnection to the innate breastfeeding wisdom in our community. Additionally Superbills are available to facilitate health insurance reimbursement. Priority scheduling is typically available to struggling mother-baby dyads.

"Certified Lactation Counselors are professionals in lactation who provide clinical support and management to families thinking about breastfeeding or have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation."

-Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice


Lactation Mentoring

  • New to nursing? Preparing oneself for making, removing and feeding breastmilk is equally as important as preparing for the birth process!

  • Have an established feeding relationship entering a new chapter? Every new frontier is an opportunity for growth and furthered understanding through the support of a trusted mentor.

As a CLC, I provide personalized in-depth support, holistic mentoring and skill-sharing with expectant and nursing mothers designed to bridge the gaps of need in our community.

Latch & Oral Assessment

Does something not feel right? Are you concerned about your baby's latch, oral anatomy, ability to transfer milk or the state of your nipples and milk supply? A Comprehensive Lactation Consultation includes a latch and oral assessment of your baby. This offering provides information crucial for assessing your baby's feeding proficiency and overall wellbeing.


Weighted Feedings

Weighted Feedings (pre and post feeding weight checks) with a sensitive medical-grade infant scale are a simple way to quantify milk transfer at the breast and put your mind at ease concerning your milk supply and baby's milk consumption and growth.

A byproduct of our modern world is that mothers often blame themselves and their milk for discomfort and discontent in their babies. Quantifiable data can help dispel those fears or validate concerns of a deeper, underlying issue. Continued support, documentation, and appropriate referrals are available to better serve babies who are not transferring adequate milk at the breast.


Breast Pump Support & Sales

  • Seeking help building a milk stash?

  • Need to know how much to pump or store?

  • Interested to learn how you can get the most out of your pumping sessions?

  • Want your pump flanges fit or breast pump suction checked?

Clinical, in-home breast pumping support is an excellent option for families planning to bottlefeed their babes pumped milk, whether exclusively or alongside breastfeeding. Earth Birth & Breastfeeding is a Spectra Baby USA certified lactation provider and authorized retailer. I keep a select number of parts and accessories in stock to better serve my clients and community at large.

  • Comprehensive Lactation Consultation: $70/session


Placenta Preparation

Placenta Encapsulation

Mothers around the world are turning to their placentas for assistance with postpartum bleeding, recovery & healing, nutritional & mood support, and milk & energy production.


Placenta Encapsulation is the process of dehydrating and grinding placenta to add to capsules for easy consumption by the mother. There are several different ways to prepare placentas for encapsulation which are detailed below:


Raw Preparation*:

This method involves rinsing, slicing and dehydrating fresh placenta at a temperature of 118 degrees for at least 24 hours to maximize the preservation of the hormones, enzymes, stem cells and nutrients in your placenta.


"Raw Start" Preparation*:

This method involves rinsing and slicing the placenta like the previous method, but alternatively, the dehydrator is set to 160 degrees for at least 24 hours, which may help prevent the proliferation of potential foodborne illnesses while preserving the heat sensitive attributes of your placenta.


Steamed Preparation:

Placentas prepared by this method are rinsed and steamed, with or without "warming" food such as ginger, peppers, or garlic, for 20 minutes on each side to reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees before being sliced and dehydrated at 160 degrees for 18-24 hours.

The steaming of this method destroys potential foodborne pathogens and potential infections, such as  E Coli or Group B Strep, while denaturing medications administered during managed labors that may cross the placental barrier. This process lessens/eliminates potential medication side effects when ingested via Placenta Encapsulation. The Steamed Preparation of encapsulation is also purported by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners to strengthen the vital forces of the mother who consumes it by increases warming energy and promoting healing.


Earth Birth & Breastfeeding is able to provide the placenta encapsulation method you're drawn to in the location of your choice. I offer in-home encapsulation for clients within a 30-minute radius of Rochester, MN, and out-of-home encapsulation services throughout my 1.5-hour service radius to ensure the utmost reverence and respect for your family's microbiome and comfort.


Placenta Tinctures

A tincture is created by curing a small piece of fresh or dehydrated placenta in strong, high-quality alcohol for 4-6 weeks. After the appropriate curing time, clients carefully strain the infusion and store it in a cool, dry place. The unique benefit of tinctures is their extraordinary shelf life: they virtually never expire. Long term storage opens the possibility of creative applications such as menstrual or menopausal support.


Placenta Smoothies

Raw Placenta Smoothies are a quick, palatable option for placental ingestion soon after birth. Fresh placenta is a source of stem cells, hormones, micronutrients, essential fatty acids, and blood clotting factors. Placenta "Master Smoothies," prepared frozen placenta smoothie cubes, are an easy to use option for a mother awaiting placenta encapsulation or simply preferring smoothies to capsules.

Earth Birth & Breastfeeding, LLC recommends frozen berries, orange juice, banana and coconut cream or yogurt in Fresh Placenta Smoothies. You provide the ingredients you love, and I do the rest!


Placenta Salves

Placenta salves are a topical skin rejuvenation and healing remedy made from a customized selection of natural moisturizers, essential oils, herbs, and dehydrated placenta powder. This remedy, rich in stem cells, hormones, micronutrients, essential fatty acids, and blood clotting factors, is a great option for healing scars, perineal tears, diaper rash, eczema, and general skincare applications.


Cord Keepsakes

This item is a special way to memorialize the physical and ongoing social-emotional connection you will have with your baby for years to come. Your baby's umbilical cord will be artistically arranged and dehydrated for longterm storage or display.

  • This complimentary service is (optionally) included with Placenta Encapsulation Packages


Placenta Print Keepsakes

Print Keepsakes are one-of-a-kind, handmade work of art illustrating the complexity and beauty of the life-giving organ that is your placenta. Prints are made using the blood from the placenta and/or natural food dyes on thick, acid-free paper.


*Please note:

Consuming raw or undercooked placenta may increase your risk of foodborne illness. The Minnesota Department of Health and United States Department of Agriculture recommends raw meat be cooked to temperatures between 135-165 degrees before dehydrating.

The information on this page has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The placenta services offered here are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat or mitigate any condition. Mothers who utilize consumptive and topical placenta services agree, per contract, to take full responsibility for using the placenta products prepared by Earth Birth & Breastfeeding, LLC.



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